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Classic to contemporary shutter finishes

caspo curates the finest of finishes, to bring you the best in the range at the most affordable prices. From the traditional laminates in myriad colours and patterns, to the smooth and classy acrylics. The glass shutters are a treat for modern sensibilities. For those who wish to add that extra chutzpa... a combination of different finishes can create a charming and a lasting impression.  

A range of high quality wire accessories

Caspo takes the ever popular kitchen wire accessories up a notch with SS 304 accessories, which come with a lifetime rustfree warranty. From the cutlery drawer to spice pullouts, cup and saucer to thali drawers... designs created to meet your storage needs perfectly. 

European class at the best prices

Add a European sophistication and efficiency to your kitchen with an exciting range from Grass, Hafele, Kessebohmer. The best of aesthetics and functionality now at your finger tips with Caspo. 

Beautiful and practical storage units

A range of storage solutions for the entire home - from beds, TV units, book shelves to wardrobe solutions. Each furniture solution is conceptualised by some of the finest product designers, created keeping in mind the latest trends in shuttes and finishes. Ergonomically designed to give maximum comfort and utility, so that you can have a home that is smart and beautiful at the same time. 

Bring home a smart kitchen

Caspo brings expertise in design and material to the Indian consumer with a range of modular kitchens. L-shaped, U-shaped, Parallel, Galley and Island kitchen. Tailormade as per your taste and requirement, each kitchen is a reflection of the owner, and made to suit his or her lifestyle and way of functioning.